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If you are fed up with Instagram and want to close your Instagram account, you must be searching on the web for “How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently?” Isn’t it? Well, if it is, then you are at right place.

But wait! Before you go to delete your Instagram account, you must know that this action is permanent and you can not undo the things.

There exists another option to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily; we’ll talk about it too.

You might already know that Facebook took over WhatsApp and Instagram. And both are now acting like a child company. All of them are currently have considerable traffic monthly, about millions of users are still joining these platforms.

Since many are creating Instagram accounts, so many also want to delete an Instagram account. So let’s get to know about it.

How to disable Instagram account?

Before you disable, you must know what will have an impact on your account. Deleting Instagram account and Disabling it are both offbeat entirely.

If you desire to disable an Instagram account, all your liked photos, comments, tags or mentions, account pictures, profile photos will be hidden from everyone.

But have no worries, they won’t get ever deleted from Instagram’s database; your data is all safe, it will be relapsed once you reactivate your account.

Steps to disable the Instagram account:

  1. Open your PC’s or Phone’s browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on User Icon.
  4. Click on Edit Profile button.
  5. A new page will open, scroll down.
  6. Click on “Temporarily disable my account.”
  7. A new page will open asking for:
    1. Reason you are disabling Instagram account (choose any)
    2. Password of your Instagram account
  8. Once you are done, click on “Temporary Disable Account.
    Deactivate account
  9. And then click on Yes.

Your account will be disabled for your desired period, to reactivate the Instagram account. Just log in with same credentials the account will be revived.

When to disable Instagram account?

Well, if you don’t wish to delete the whole Instagram account with data, you may choose this option.
Disabling Instagram account will only temporarily remove or hide your account from Instagram. The data and account can be revived later.

How to permanently delete an Instagram account?

Before you move forward to delete the Instagram account, you must know that; deleting Instagram account will remove all its data, including posts, messages, likes, comments, tags, mentions, username and everything.

This method is non-reversible, i.e., once you have deleted the account you can not recover it.

If you agree, then only move further to read steps below, else you can refer to disable the Instagram account, which has been discussed above.

Steps to delete the Instagram account:

  1. Go to Instagram Account Delete Request Page
  2. Once you are on the page, it will ask for:
    1. Reason you are deleting Instagram account (choose any)
    2. Password of your Instagram account
  3. Once you are done, click on “Permanently delete my account.
    delete instagram account
  4. And then click on Yes.

And then a request to delete your Instagram account will be sent. The account and all its data will be expelled permanently.

Remember: You can not disable or delete the Instagram account from the Instagram app.

When to delete Instagram account?

If you want to delete all the data of your account entirely, you may choose this option. This method is non-reversible and all your data will be removed permanently from Instagram’s database. Choose only when you don’t want to use that account again in future.


There is no any need to conclude anything since I have already discussed when to disable or delete Instagram account. That is well enough to be included here.

Meanwhile, if you still have some concerns regarding the process to delete Instagram account or same for disabling, please do let me know through the comment section below, I will surely help you out. Just in case you need additional help you may also contact us through the contact form.

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